Genesis Systems is a product development firm that works on the design and engineering of various commercial/consumer products in the domains of Medical, Transportation and Aviation. While we specialize in the development of products, we have been called in to augment internal engineering departments to meet aggressive product development deadlines.

Backed by over two decades of product development we assist our clients with everything from conceptual product development to supply chain development including supplier quality audits.

Typical engineering contracts include:

  • 3rd party independent reviews of work product or design efforts to ensure that the design is complete and the product is manufactureable
  • Specific analysis of systems or subsystems (Mechanical or Systems)
  • DFEMA/PFEMA development
  • New Product Introduction and manufacturing transition
  • Authoring hazard analysis for both systems and subsystems
  • Mechanical tolerance analysis
  • Manufacturing feedback (DFM/DFA)
  • Root cause analysis on current manufacturing or design related issues
  • Design and Engineering of systems or sub-systems level components
  • Development of fixtures and tooling

The founders of Genesis Systems have been involved with the product development of highly technical equipment that has production run rates from as low as 15/month to as high as 600/hour.

Genesis Systems leverages our expertise in system architecture, mechanical engineering, materials and manufacturing to design and develop innovative solutions for the most challenging projects. We can handle all aspects of product development, from concept through validation samples.

Regardless of why we are hired, our goal is to improve the state of the art for any product we take on.

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