Genesis Systems was founded for the purpose of honoring God through assisting companies develop innovative products that enhance the lives of everyday people.

How our Mission impacts our work, our staff, our commitments to clients as well as their customers:

Each day, companies make decisions that impact the future. At Genesis Systems, we exist to bring integrity to the product development process. We know that this ensures the long term success of any company. While some business leaders in today’s market are focused on the bottom line, it is our core belief that developing relationships with our clients supersedes any other function of our company.

Genesis Systems takes seriously our commitment to serve a living God, one to whom we are ultimately accountable. Shortcuts in process or relationships only cause sub-standard outcomes whether dealing with the client, user, or supplier.

Therefore, our company seeks the highest magnitude of professionalism and integrity. We seek to “pay it forward” by giving back to those that need it the most. For several summers one of our founders invested significant time in projects for Habitat for Humanity. Another founder spent two years working with those struggling with drug and alcohol addictions as a means to help those in need.

Giving to those less fortunate is a key element in growing our company as we seek to provide a collaborative relationship between product development, manufacturer and user.

How our Mission impacts creative design work:

Genesis Systems endeavors to ensure that the user as well as the manufacturer or contract manufacturer all benefit from the creative design process. Our staff values the time we have, and therefore we believe that unless the lives of citizens are made better through the products of the development process, there is little value to investing in the product.

The synergistic relationship created between product development, manufacturer and user is one where the lives of everyone is enhanced by the the development and manufacture of new products. A great example of this evidence is the beneficial relationship observed during the development of medical products. Medical product development starts with the end user in mind and concludes with an evaluation of the how the product performs against the specific requirements identified up front in the product development cycle. Carrying this development process over into other domains will yield innovative products that meet the customer needs, including the manufacture there of.

As we work on projects, our goal is one where the end result is something where all parties succeed. The project cannot be considered a success unless, the client, their customer, their manufacturer and our staff all walk away satisfied with the results.

Time has value. Unless the lives of citizens are enhanced through the products we are developing, there is little value in investing in the product.

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